Rajkumar Hirani On Controversy Of Sanju Toilet Overflow Scene

Rajkumar has releaesd his statement against the ontroversy ‘Rajkumar hirani on controversy of Sanju toilet overflow scene’ 

Rajkumar Hirani is bringing his first biopic film of his career. Sanjay Dutt’s biopic Sanju has been in the discussion for a long time. The film will be in front of the audience soon. Recently there are a lot of controversy about the toilet scene  in the film’s trailer.

An organization had objected to the toilet scene shown in the jail that the toilet overflow shown inside the jail in the film trailer is wrong.

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He said that what has been shown is that the incident took place in 1993. When Sanjay went to jail for the first time. At that time there was very rain outside, then the sewer was overflowed. Even today when there is a rains, such an atmosphere created

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When I lived on the ground floor, it was like this in my house also. So, I have not tried to show anybody that the prison is not clean, but I have come here recently.  I was

in Bhopal.  We will also go to  Yerwada  and see if things have improved now in today’s date. There it seems that you have come to the ashram but this is an old 25 year old story.

And I did not hear this story only from Sanju, but had heard from other people that it had happened to him.  Rajkumar Hirani has also told that the film has received a green signal from the censor. The film has passed from the sensor and the film has been given the UA certificate.

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Raju also told that in the film, he has not seen any such thing that is fake and has been tried to show off. Raju says that the scenes shown in the film, in which Sanju has been interacted with him before he is jailed, and he has been slapped, I also talked to him about the investigating officer Rakesh Maria, he also told  he Was there. The film Sanju is going to be released on June 29.

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