Rajinikanth’s Film 2.0 Budget Rises 100 Crores, Be Surprised At The Cost

Here we will tell you that , ‘ Rajinikanth’s film 2.0 budget rises 100 crores, be ready to get surprise at the cost’

After the release of the film Kalah, this news can be good news for Rajni fans, who are happy to see his superstar Rajinikanth on the big screen. To see Rajni’s mach animated film 2. 0, you have to wait till next year. And due to the increased work in the film, the budget has now increased to about 100 crore.

According to sources, the budget of 2.0 being consider as India’s most expensive film and itis more than 500 crores.  The extra budget of Rs 100 crores raises in the budget of the film because the special effects of the film are constantly Growing up

source – Adya News

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Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar Starrer, which are very keen on the film 2.0, have no official announcement till now and now the latest news is that the film will have to wait a long time to reach theaters. The film is waiting for the last two years, which has not yet ended.

It is a news that this sequel of Robot / Indriyan, created in the direction of Shankar, will not be coming this year. The biggest reason for this is the important work of special effects on the film. The news is that the international level of special effects with 3D convergence has not yet  completed and there is no such hope in the near future.

source – DNA India

According to sources,  the film will be released till Dussehra, but it will not be so.

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After that, there will be no chance for the 2. 0 to come in November and December, because first Aamir Khan’s Thugs of Hindustan and then Shahrukh Khan’s Zero will come.

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