Salman Thinks That Anil Kapoor May Replace Amitabh Bacchan

Amitabh Bachchan is considered as the King of Hindi cinema. It is difficult to imagine the actor who took his place, but Salman Khan has told who is an actor in Bollywood who can replace Amitabh Bachchan. So, here we will that for whom “Salman Thinks That Anil Kapoor May replace Amitabh Bacchan”Here we will tell you that “Salman Thinks That Anil Kapoor May replace Amitabh Bachchan”

Salman Khan is promoting his Id Release Race 3 these days. In the same sequence, in the interaction with reporters, Salman said that if someone can do the role of Amitabh in the industry, then he is Anil Kapoor. If Amitabh has a replacement in the industry, then he is Anil Kapoor.

source – Deccanchronicle

Anil Kapoor is taking the kind of rolls, the kind of roll that Mr. Bachchan is constantly doing and from the time of Mohabbat et, Amitabh is doing the same as Anil is doing now.

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He added that Anil Kapoor has so many qualities that support his statement. Some of these are that Anil Kapoor is very dedicated towards his work and very much attached.

He charges very fewer fees, that every newcomer director or producer can easily afford him. If they really have a strong content. E said that he had experienced this thing while working with him in Race 3.

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Salman says that he always looks good. Whether it is the father’s role, the role of the grandfather. Anil also has no problem in rolling the Grandfather.

source – Jagran

Then in the next film, he started speaking my love brother. They sometimes blacken hair Ever white Sometimes the hair is black and white. There are quite versus tiles and are amazing. Ever got a clean shave and sometimes something.

said that he can change himself anytime, at the best part of him is that “He looks perfect in every change”

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