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Who Threatened To Kill Salman Khan? Know Full Details

Salman Khan had come to Jodhpur for the shooting of race 3 and he had an appearance on Thursday in Jodhpur district and sessions court in arms case linked to the killing of a blackbuck in Jodhpur.

Sources reveal that Salman Khan had come to Jodhpur for the shooting of Race 3. The shooting was going well. Then one day the shooting was stopped due to heavy armed bodyguards on shooting site. Later, we came to know, a member of Rajasthan’s Bishnoi Community (who worship the black buck) threatened him to kill.

 But Salman Khan’s manager Jordy Patel and police denied any such incident. “This is absolutely untrue and nothing of the sort has happened. No one has entered any set and the shoot is on as usual. it is a rumor. Nothing like this has happened. Nor is the shooting of Race 3 closed” said Vinay Rathod, deputy commissioner of police, zone XII Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Bishnoi is the name of a very beautiful place. Where the Hindu religion temples were built. This place is in western Thar desert in Rajasthan and a religious cult found in the northern states of India. 

The name of this gangster is Lawrence Bishnoi, who is a member of Bishnoi Community has a record of 20 crime cases. Include crimes like attempt to murder, extortion, kidnapping, carjacking.

Hindustan Times says that this gangster Lawrence Bishnoi said during interviewing the media on January 5, “Salman Khan will die, here in Jodhpur! Then he will know our real identity. Bishnoi even said that if the police let him commit a major crime. So he will kill Salman Khan.

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